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Medical Uses of Drugs

Date : October 17, 2009, 12:00 am

Many of the drugs that are illegal today in the United States, were at one time used pretty readily by regular folks and legally. In fact, many of them were prescribed as medications. Amongst the largest groups of such drugs were psychoactive, including coca (cocaine), opium and marijuana, amongst others. These have been used for thousands of years and by millions of people. They would be eventually pulled off the market or no longer prescribed when it became clear of their very addictive natures. While some people and groups have applauded such moves, others have not.

There are two camps on drug legalization. Some are for it and other against it. Now, there is the faction of people who want drugs legalized so that they can party or get high without the threat of being jailed or punished. There are others who believe that many illegal drugs actually have real, medicinal uses that can help people. We will discuss some of these legitimate uses below.


Heroin is a known pain killer which some people believe should be used to treat those with chronic pain. Some medical studies have found that it is less dangerous then some of the drugs that are currently used as an alternative to heroin.


Cocaine is believed by some to be a very effective anesthetic.


This drug is probably the one that comes up most when people are discussing legalization of illegal drugs. Many products used today and in times past have been made from hemp and there are many legitimate uses for it. In fact, in the 1700s, hemp was a major part of agriculture in the United States. It was grown in the U.S. to use in commercial products all the way until the 1940s.

As far as medicinal use, the benefits of using marijuana are many. It is believed to be helpful for treating those with chronic pain, chemotherapy induced nausea, glaucoma, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

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