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Ketamine Addiction

Date : October 17, 2009, 12:00 am

What is A Ketamine Addiction?

Ketamine is a general anesthetic that can be administered to both human beings and animals. It is, however, used primarily by veterinarians to tranquilize animals, though some people use it recreationally. It is especially popular amongst those who attend raves.

Signs of Ketamine Addiction

A person with an addiction to Ketamine may spend a lot of money supporting their habit and purchasing Special K (Ketamine). They may also experience a lot of hallucinations, act secretively and hang out at raves where drug use is rampant. Addicts may appear sluggish if too much is taken or peppy if they have consumed only small amounts of the drug, have slurred speech and coordination difficulties. Consistent paranoia, rage, respiratory depression, delirium and impaired motor function are also clues that person has developed a Ketamine addiction.

Causes of Ketamine Addiction

The people an individual hangs out with and the places they frequent will often influence a person's behavior, including drug use. If a person hangs around individuals who experiment or use drugs heavily, they may succumb to the peer pressure to use as well and eventually find themselves struggling with an addiction.

Ketamine is mostly psychologically addictive, though some people believe that it may also be physically addicting. Drugs which are psychologically addicting are either incredibly enjoyable for the user or fill some type of need. In either case, they become extremely difficult for an addict to stop using.

Effects of Ketamine Addiction

Individuals with an addiction to Ketamine may have increased energy or may appear extremely tired. The latter may occur when a user takes too much of the drug. Because Ketamine is an anesthetic it can cause individuals to fall asleep, or even die, if large enough dosages are taken. The user may also begin to exhibit psychological problems. They might rage at the people around them, become paranoid, and hallucinate.

Complications of Ketamine Adiction

Ketamine can be extremely dangerous if large enough amounts are taken. An overdose can even result in death. Paranoia, delirium, feelings of paralysis and respiratory depression are other potential complications of Ketamine addiction.

Treatment of Ketamine Addiction

A Ketamine addiction is often best treated in a licensed, drug rehab facility. There, professional counselors will work alongside the addict, helping them understand their addiction and then assisting them in developing strategies to forgo drug use in the future.

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