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Drug Guides

In this section, you can find important valuable information on very popular abused drugs. The drugs listed, are among the most widely used and abused. These include; LSD acid, Amphetamines, Mushrooms, Marijuana Cannabis, Ectasy, Ketamine, and Heroin. Drug use and addiction is a major concern around the world and the more informed we are, will make it easier to help ourselves, our loved ones, and friends.

LSD acid: LSD is a 'man made' synthetic drug that when abused causes hallucinogenic experiences and has been around since the 1960's. When abused in high doses, LSD will distort a person's identity and sense of time. The user will become delusional and can experience visual hallucinations. Common names for this drug are yellow sunshine and boomers. Risks can be unpredictable but under the influence, LSD can be fatal.

Amphetamines: These are psychomotor stimulants. They are synthetic psychoactive drugs, and are referred to as 'speed' and 'uppers' on the streets. Amphetamines come in several forms such as diet pills, pep pills, and Methamphetamine. Some individuals feel euphoric under the influence, others may become violent. Common forms include Adderall, Ephedrine, Dexedrine, Ritalin, Concerta, and Benzedrine.

Mushrooms: These are known as 'shrooms' or 'magic mushrooms'. Psilocybin mushrooms are a hallucinogen can produce feelings of relaxation and vision can be distorted. Some lose track of time and what may seem life a few minute 'trip' could actually could have been a few hours. These are classified as a Schedule 1 drug there is a high potential for abuse and have no accepted medical purpose.

Marijuana cannabis: This is one of the most used illegal drugs. Marijuana comes from a plant, called 'Cannabis sativa'. There's a chemical in the plant and it produces the 'altered state' of consciousness and this is called, 'delta-9 THC. Some people refer to marijuana as grass, pot, reefer, and weed. Primarily marijuana is smoked like a cigarette but can be added to baked goods such as brownies, cookies, or a person may even brew it like tea. In small doses marijuana can: cause relaxation, coordination can be reduced, blood pressure may be lowered, one may become tired or sleepy, attention span may be disrupted, and possibly sense of time or space may be altered. Higher doses can cause: a person's memory to be impaired, hallucinations may be experienced, delusions, and memory may be impaired.

Ecstasy: The definition of ecstasy in the American Heritage Dictionary is "intense joy or delight". Sadly this illegal drug can damage the brain's nerve cells. There are other street names that have been associated with this drug like; E, Essence, Lover's Speed and Eve. Ecstasy, also referred to as the 'love drug' on the streets will speed up one's nervous system and enhance their mood. This can make a person feel relaxed and happy. Some users feel they have more energy which makes this drug popular at raves, clubs, and parties.

Ketamine: This anesthetic is often used in veterinary medicine as general anesthesia. Most of the drug that is being abused is taken from a veterinarian's office. Ketamine is also known as Special K, Vitamin K, Super acid, Purple, and Cat Valium on the streets. The feeling a person experiences when using Ketamine are referred to as K-hole, K-land, and Baby food. It comes in clear liquid for or a white powder. This drug can be injected, dissolved in a drink, snorted, smoked in tobacco or marijuana. Ketamine relieves pain and is extremely hallucinogenic and considered a 'club drug'. Some avid users build up a tolerance to Ketamine and need larger doses to receive the same effects the once had. An overdose can likely happen and the effects can be dangerous. A person can become unconscious or experience loss of oxygen to the brain because of a depressed respiratory and circulatory system. Ketamine is also very dangerous if depressants or alcohol is used at the same time.

Heroin: This is an extremely addictive opiate that is extracted from the opium poppy. This drug can be snorted, sniffed, smoked, or injected. Slang or 'street names' refer to this drug as Big H, Black tar, Brown sugar, Dope, Horse, Junk, Mud, Skag, and Smack. The user can experience a rush of euphoria along with feelings of heaviness in their arms and legs. Wakefulness and drowsiness follow the rush and this is referred to as 'on the nod'.

For many people, tolerance and addiction can take place in a short period of time. The result of this addiction can lead to Hepatitis, HIV, and death.

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